Your future starts now

What you will be able to do after year 11 will depend on what you do and achieve in Key Stage 4. Whether you want to study A Levels, vocational courses in the sixth form / college, or start an apprenticeship you will need the right qualifications.


What to do now

  • Read the descriptions of the courses carefully in the curriculum area of the website: Curriculum information 
  • Discuss the courses with your parents or carer.
  • Look at the coursework content and the examination details so that you know what is expected.
  • Look at the way the courses are taught and think about the way you learn best.

Who can help?

  • Your parents or carer, they know you best.
  • Your form tutor for general advice.
  • Subject teachers for specific advice about courses.
  • Mr Silgram – Careers Leader.

The Curriculum

The “Core Curriculum” is studied by all students to ensure basic skills are developed and a broad and balanced education is gained by everyone. These include English, maths, science, RE and PE (non-examined); plus at least one from modern foreign languages, history or geography. The “Additional Curriculum” enables you to choose other GCSE/BTEC subjects, such as art, drama, ICT, engineering, business studies, health & social care, music, sport studies and economics. Full details of courses on offer are detailed below in the Pathways Booklets.

Pathway Booklets

Pathway L

Students making good progress in all subjects including a language.
Will study EBACC subjects including a Language and History / Geography. Choose 1 additional option.

Pathway H

Students making good progress in most subjects but not in language.
Will study History or Geography. Choose 2 additional options.

Pathway S

Students Who need to focus on succeeding in their core subjects.
Will have additional time in the core subjects. Choose 2 additional options.

Exams 2024

Attendance matters

Year 8 Progress Evening 18th April

School News

Exams 2024

Attendance matters

Year 8 Progress Evening
18th April

School News