At Moseley School and Sixth Form we expect students to follow the 3Rs (Ready, Respectful, Responsible) and demonstrate our RAISE values in their pursuit of excellence in character and scholarship.

Our Vision 

Or school vision is to Inspire Excellence in Character and Scholarship

  • To prepare the ‘whole child’ to be ready for life
  • To achieve academic excellence for all
  • To work together as a strong community

In our pursuit of excellence we expect all student to meet our expectations and demonstrate our values: 

Our Expectations 

Ready, Respectful and Responsible:

Students and staff begin the journey to excellence in character & scholarship when they are:


  • Have excellent attendance and punctuality
  • Are well presented and smartly dressed
  • Are well organised and prepared
  • Are ambitious about what they can achieve
  • Are resilient when faced when challenges



  • Value time in school, the environment and the people around you
  • Respect other’s thoughts, beliefs and opinions
  • Actively listen to others and are effective communicators
  • Are supportive of other’s and respect their challenge’s



  • Complete work/tasks on time to the highest standards
  • Make good decisions and take responsibility for their actions 

  • Are independent and reflect on and improve their standards
  • Stay engaged and motivated to achieve excellence 

Our Values

We believe every child has the potential to achieve greatness and exceed their wildest dreams through our RAISE values:


  • Resilience
  • Ambition
  • Independence 
  • Supportiveness
  • Effective communicators

Exams 2024

Attendance matters

Year 10 Progress Evening 2nd May

School News

Exams 2024

Attendance matters

Year 10 Progress Evening
2nd May

School News