New Year 7 Questions & Answers

We’re sure you have loads of questions about starting at Moseley School and Sixth Form, below are a few frequently asked questions with the answers to help you make a great start with us.   

 Frequently asked questions:

Q. Where can I buy school uniform and PE kit from?

A. Mansuri in Sparkhill, Clive Mark in Kings Heath, details can be found in our uniform page: School Uniform

Q. How do I pay for my child’s lunch?

A. Parent pay information will be shared with you, please create an account to add money in time for your child’s start date.

Q. What entrance does my child enter and exit school from?

A. Gate A on Wake Green Road

Q. How do I apply for free school meals?

A. Collect a form from reception to complete

Q. If my child is poorly how do I inform the school?

A. You must call the school every day your child is going to be absent and speak to reception or leave a voicemail.

Q. My child has SEND needs. What support will they receive?

A. We will have communicated with the SEND department from your child’s primary school to ensure we are fully aware of your child’s needs and what support has been in place up until now. With this information we will put a plan in plan to support your child.

Q. My child experiences anxiety at times, what support is available?

A. The pastoral team are always on hand to offer support and we have a specific mental health team available to offer one to one support if required.

Q. What extra-curricular opportunities are there?

A. The extra-curricular timetable will be shared in September with your child and it will be available on Edulink and teams for you to view.

Q. What equipment will my child need?

A. Full information for this is available on our website here: Essential Equipment

Q. Is my child allowed their phone in school?

A. Yes as long as it is switched off and it in their blazer or bag and only used after school hours.

Q. Where can I find out about my child's independent study and progress?

A. Edulink. Find out how you can support your child with independent study and progress using Edulink, More info Here

Q. Where can I see the independent study set for my child?

A. Edulink

Q. Can I see what they will be studying in each subject?

A. Yes, this information will be in the curriculum area on the school website in September.

Q. Who do I / My child speak to with questions?

A. You can call the school any time or message through Teams to your Form Tutor. Your Head of Year or a Pastoral Manager will be able to help you or your child with any other questions you have throughout the year, if you have any questions before you start with us, please feel free to email Miss Smith our Head of Year 7:

Q. Can my child take time off for medical appointments?

A. Yes, only if this is essential. Try and arrange appointments outside of school hours where possible. If your child has an appointment please call and notify reception 24 hours before/email the pastoral team or write a note in your child’s planner so they can show the Head of Year/pastoral manager.

Q. What are the term dates?

A. You can find them here: Term Dates

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Exams 2024

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