Progress Evening

What is progress evening?

Progress evening is a chance to sit face-to-face with your child’s teachers, to descess your childs progress in each subject.

Our teachers at Moseley School and Sixth Form have a wealth of knowledge and experience, so ask for their guidance and suggestions on how you can help your child to do their best in their subjects.


Year 8 Progress Evening

Our next Progress Evening is Thursday 18th April. This will be for all Year 8 Students. We look forward to seeing you at the evening as we all continue to work together to support your child.

Please read the following letter for more information: Year 8 Pathways Letter 2024

How to make progress evening productive


Progress evening should be a positive experience where you can learn more about the progress your child is making at school.  To help make progress evening an effective use of your time you may want to think before arriving on the evening about the questions you want to ask each of your child’s teachers.

By thinking about what you want to ask before the evening this will make the 5-10minutes you have with each teacher more productive and purposeful. As this is a relatively short amount of time and teachers will have many parents/carers to see, they may suggest a follow up appointment if more time is needed.

Below are some suggested questions you could think about,  The document is also attached below, if you want to download and print these questions.

Questions to ask my child’s teacher


  1. Which activities most engage my child in their learning?
  2. What strategies have resulted in my child making the most progress?
  3. What can we do at home to help?
  4. How do you reward my child’s good behaviour/effort in class?
  5. What has been my child’s greatest success this term?
  6. What is the biggest challenge coming up for my child?
  7. What is the best way to monitor/keep in touch about my child’s progress?
  8. What is their next big focus in lessons?


Download questions below:

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Year 8 Progress Evening 18th April

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Exams 2024

Attendance matters

Year 8 Progress Evening
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