Uniform & Equipment

All students are expected to look smart and wear the correct uniform at all times during the school day.


  • Plain, black skirt (between knee and ankle length), abaya (ankle length for safety, not satin/nylon) or trousers and a white shirt with collar are required.
  • A plain, black, V-neck jumper is permitted.
  • Coats should be a plain, warm and rainproof. A reflective strip may form part of the coat for safety in the dark NO SPORTS JACKETS OR HOODIES, these will be confiscated.
  • If worn, jewellery must be limited to one pair of small, stud earrings only, small nose stud, one plain ring and one watch.
  • If worn, hijab and headscarves should be plain black (or white in summer).
  • PE kit must be brought to be worn on the day when your child has their PE lesson, please ensure you follow your child timetable, follow the link here for more details: PE Kit
  • Plain black, formal shoes and plain grey, white or black socks – See image below for examples.
  • If worn, tights must be plain black or neutral.


Not permitted

  • No polo shirts or t-shirts are permitted except during PE or sports lessons.
  • No jumpers with logos/patterns or cardigans, no crew neck jumpers.
  • Make-up, coloured contact lens and nail varnish are not permitted and students will be asked to remove them in school.
  • Hooded tops, denim or leather coats and baseball caps must not be worn in school or to school. Sports shoes and trainers are not permitted except during sports or PE lessons.
  • No false eyelashes, nail extensions/fake nails and teeth grills/jewellery, facial piercings.
  • Mobile phones and other electronic devices must not be seen on the school site. If seen or heard, they will be confiscated,  and returned at the end of the day. Refusal to hand over a phone will result in further consequences, repeat offenders will need parents to collect from the year team at a meeting to discuss ongoing concerns.

Our school uniform is smart, practical and affordable

All items can be purchased at high street shops and supermarkets, except the tie and badge, which are both available from school. On their first day at school, each student will be required to buy a school tie from the school. The school blazer can be bought from a number of school uniform suppliers including Clive Marks Schoolwear in Kings Heath, Midland Schoolwear in Acocks Green and Mansuri in Sparkhill.

PE Kit

Information on our school PE Kit can be found here:

Essential Equipment

Information on essential equipment can be found here:

Uniform Grant


The link to apply for a uniform grant from Yardley Educational Foundation is now LIVE:

The link to apply for uniform grants in 2023 is: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/YEF23

Password: YEF2023

The closing date will be Sunday 2nd July at 23.59

Grants are only paid for students in Years 7-11 who are eligible for free school meals or listed on the school’s Pupil Premium Register AND live in the charity’s area of benefit: mainly B11, B13, B14, B25, B26, B27, B28, B33 and B34, although not all parts of these areas are included. Ask school to check the map if you are unsure.

The drop down list for schools is also quite sensitive, so please ensure the correct school has been selected prior to submitting your application as this is the school that your details will be sent to in order to check you meet the criteria.

Please include a space in your postcode, this makes the checking process so much easier at our end.

When you submit your application the page should clarify that it has been received. Please refrain from calling us unless absolutely necessary, we dealt with over 3500 applications last year and we need to concentrate our time on getting the vouchers issued.

Vouchers should be issued the last week in July. Make sure you input the correct email address incase the vouchers are sent to your email.

Uniform Suppliers

Mansuri Schoolwear

Information for Mansuri Schoolwear can be viewed here:

Midland Schoolwear

Information for Midland Schoolwear can be viewed here:

Mobile Phone Policy

Students do NOT need to bring mobile phones to school with them, though we know that many parents like them to have phones for safety when travelling to and from school. Once in school they must be turned off and safely stored in bags. If parents need to get touch with their child, please telephone main reception who will ensure a message is relayed. Likewise our students can request a call is made to parents from Reception or their Year Team office if required.

If mobile phones are seen during the school day our policy for staff is:

  • Confiscate the item if seen out in school
  • Mobile phone usage will be logged
  • Phone will be returned at the end of the day.

Repeat offenders will need parents to collect from the year team at a meeting to discuss ongoing concerns.

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Exams 2024

Attendance matters

Year 7 Progress Evening
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