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Here’s what our teachers and staff have to say about working at Moseley School and Sixth Form…

“In my eight years at Moseley, I have been privileged to work with such an inspired group of professionals at every level. I have learnt so much as a teacher and a leader.”

Mr Green, Assistant Headteacher.

“I am currently a TLR holder with a whole-school responsibility. Taking part in CPD opportunities offered at Moseley has meant that I have steadily developed a bank of skills that has enabled me to get to grips with my varying roles from coach, to ECT, to TLR holder. I feel that I have developed in many ways through the high quality in-house training offered by the school; there is a strong culture of support and encouragement amongst staff which I feel allows teachers to progress further in their goals.”

Ms Begum , English Teacher.

“Moseley is such a friendly place to work. The dynamics between staff and students is what makes it such a great working environment!”

Mr William, Food, Textiles and Art Technician

“The students at Moseley are fantastic and it is a great feeling when you know that from their feedback, you are making a difference to their future lives.”

Mr Kinnaird, Head of Science.

“At Moseley School, we believe in creating an inclusive environment where innovation thrives, and every achievement, big or small, is celebrated. Join us on this exciting educational journey where every student’s success story is written with passion, purpose, and pride.”

Mr Hussain, Head of Humanities.

“At Moseley, our commitment to student success goes beyond the curriculum, as we strive to inspire a love for learning and critical thinking.”

Mr Poole, Head of History

Year 7 student induction

Attendance matters

Year 7 Progress Evening 11th July

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Year 7 student induction

Attendance matters

Year 7 Progress Evening
11th July

School News