Unicef Campaigns


At Moseley School and Sixth Form we have worked on lots of different campaigns to help support Unicef, below are some of the recent projects our students have been involved in. 

Unicef Outright Campaign

This year, student council have been working on the UNICEF outright campaign on air pollution. The UNICEF outright campaign empowers young people to speak out and share their views on children’s health and air pollution.

As a student suffering from asthma, I feel I am more vulnerable than others because I more likely to be affected by the air. Air pollution may be largely invisible, but it is incredibly dangerous and toxic for children to be breathing in. Therefore, we set up a UNICEF diffusion tube to test how much nitrogen dioxide there was in the area. Our diffusion tube results came back for us to establish that the air levels are MEDIUM. We recently met the local MP to raise awareness of the health risks could occur with people who are suffering from asthma or other breathing conditions.

Ibrahim Ali

World Children’s Day #BakeForSyria

 Thank you to all those who baked cakes, wore blue and donated for World Children’s day. We had incredible donations and participation from both staff and students. We raised an outstanding £713.05 for UNICEF UK.

We also held a #BakeForSyria cake sale to raise money to protect Syrian children. While you enjoy your lessons today, millions of children in Syria are in too much danger to go to school. They should be playing, laughing and learning just like you, but nearly two million Syrian children won’t have the chance.

Water Project for Ghana – Human Relief Foundation

On behalf of Human Relief Foundation, we would like to thank Moseley School and Sixth Form for donating towards the building of a water source for the people of Ghana.

The money raised through Moseley school will enable village residents to now have a clean source of water, helping them live healthier lives.

The well will have a life changing effect on the area, women and children now do not have to walk miles to collect water of poor quality. Livestock in the village are nourished and healthier.

The pump which Moseley School have raised money for will benefit 600 – 800 people every day.

Thank you to everyone at Moseley School for their kind donations helping this life changing project happen.

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Attendance matters

Year 7 Progress Evening 11th July

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Exams 2024

Attendance matters

Year 7 Progress Evening
11th July

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